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Hokkaido AskGate Japanese Language School Sapporo Campus

Hokkaido, Sapporo, Toyohira-ku, Toyohira 3-3-1-24

Online Home Study

Giving our students the tools for success.

Lectures at AskGate are conducted entirely in Japanese. (Most Japanese language schools in Japan use this method.)

This gives us more opportunities to use Japanese, but sometimes students have trouble understanding their teachers.

Some students even feel stress because they can’t fully understand their lectures.

Japanese study requires learning a lot of vocabulary, which becomes more and more difficult as students progress.

That’s why at Hokkaido AskGate Japanese Language School, we offer support to help our students learn both inside and outside of class through a study management system called Moodle, which is widely used in universities around the world.

Students can check vocabulary before class using the word list feature.

Students learn pronunciation along with pictures to help them understand words more easily.

Students can practice what they have learned any time through simple quizzes.

Students can practice conversations that may have been difficult in class until they are confident in their ability.

Students can use audio and text as many times as they want.

Students can login to the system to go back to explanations from their teachers and re-listen as many times as necessary. 

Students can practice before class, making lectures easier to understand and much more fun.

Listen and practice as many times as necessary, then use Japanese during class to talk to your teachers and classmates.

Moodle can be used anywhere, any time.

Students can study using their smartphones, tablets, or computers, so they can focus on the particular points that are difficult for them. Moodle is also an easy way to practice listening.

Students can access Moodle any time, from any place, so even a few free minutes can be used for practice and review. You can even study during your break times ! (smile)

Practice Japanese any time, any place, as many times as you want !

We are here to support all of our students as they study Japanese.

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